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@zande @tanza that's awesome and good to know - we took your advice and bought him a wire crate to see how he would fare with the added visibility. And... ta-da! He would go in voluntarily to check out his toys, chew on his bully stick, nap, etc. I was able to shut the crate door during these times (I spent the day building up to this) and when it was time for bedtime he wasn't bothered WHATSOEVER. Not a peep! I want to shout at the rooftops in happiness! We are such proud parents 😄 This was a complete change from the prior 2 nights where he was squealing at the top of his lungs throughout the entire night and the neighbours even banged on the wall 2 times in 1 night (we live in a condo).

First vet appointment today so we will bring up the UTI check 🙂 Our little boy is named Benji and here's a photo!

alt text

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@elbrant that’s great advice, thanks for sharing! we make sure to take him for a walk every morning and play once he returns and has had his meal; of course, once we start working we’ll be ensuring we tire him out to his heart’s content before we leave! with respect to leaving entirely when training him as if we’re away for work, we’ve just been hesitant given how loud he could be within our condo walls BUT understand that there’s no way around it if we truly want to train him to be comfortable with us leaving since we’ll eventually be leaving for work for we’ll make sure to actually leave for the next few days and see how it goes. thanks again (ps - we’re also going to try leaving a t shirt with our smell in his crate to comfort him).

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Hey @oslynch58 and @starcentral there is a Basenji meetup in Toronto at High Park next Sunday at 11am!! Have you heard? If not, feel free to message me for more details. Hope to see both of you and your B's there! We have a 7 month old pup and his name is Benji 🙂

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