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Ellie is almost 12 months old, having been born out of the usual season for the northern hemisphere; she then had her first heat cycle at Christmas when she was 7 months old.

Recently (Srring in UK) she has been licking a lot and the area looks darker than usual from the back, but there is no sign of blood or discharge.

Is it possible that these are signs of her experiencing a second hormonal change without having a full heat cycle? She has recently (2nd dose 2 weeks ago) been treated for worms, so could he some residual irritation from that).

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I have an 11 month old female and noticed a difference in dog parks after her first season at Christmas - she's become a little selective towards
other dogs and intolerant of annoying behaviour, at times getting aggressive in response to it

If her recall was better I would still take her and call her back at the first hint of trouble, but she won't come back when called if distracted (despite lots of practice) so we have stopped going.

She goes out for walks on the lead a couple of times a day and greets other dogs, occasionally getting a chance to play when on the lead and we hire a private dog walking field weekly for off lead exercise and recall practice. We also have a big garden.

It would be nice to have been able to continue with the dog parks, as when it's going well she gets so much out of it but I don't want to be responsible for an injury when I can't reliably call her back yet.

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@bernadette thank you and yes she is!

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@pawla her eyeliner is one of my favourite features!

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@jengosmonkey haha, here's a subsequent version 😀

Right sided photo to follow - for some reason she always seems to pose with her left side showing!

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Taken last month - she's 11 months now.


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@JBuckee if you do consult with a behaviourist, it can be helpful to try and find one with experience in working with primitive breeds.

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We also have an 11 month old and I have had to spend a lot of time training my children to recognise when she doesn't want affection e.g. lip smacking, yawning and looking away. With consistent reminding they now understand and sometimes have to remind me 😀 They are older though (8 and 14) so easier to train.

As already suggested a separate Basenji sleeping area that is out of bounds to your 3 year old would be helpful. We use an open crate with a blanket over the top and none of us approach it when she does in there for peace and quiet.

How old is your other child? Can they help to remind your 3 year old?

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My 11 month old went into the vet alone last month and did not consent to being examined. The vet said she was "a bit snappy" and that they tried to muzzle her, but that she wouldn't accept that either, so they used a rolled up towel around her neck, which they said calmed her and prevented her from biting..She didn't seem concerned about her snapping and appreciated that she didn't know them and was alone.

I had to take her again today (to a different branch) and due to that memory she was very reluctant to go in, but thankfully due to Covid restrictions being lifted here in the UK I was allowed in with her. The vet asked me to put one hand under her chin/jaw and to hold her collar with the other while she was examined. There was a small growl when the thermometer went into her back passage (can't blame her!) but me gently restraining her in that way whilst giving lots of verbal praise worked really well.

She also doesn't like strangers approaching her overhead, so I ask people to hold their hand out and let her approach them before scratching her under the chin, pointing out her hackles and that she is nervous. This approach has allowed her to say hello to multiple people, which she really enjoys.

It might be worth shopping around for a different vet who is more patient and willing to think creatively to help your dog tolerate bring examined. Also hopefully it won't be long before you are able to go in with her.

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Every time I use the last egg I put 6 pieces of kibble into the empty box and close it up for her to work out how to get them out. She hits the box repeatedly to make it spin over until each one falls out.

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@rlkosek helpful thanks, as I keep hearing about 5 mins per month of life per day but as the article says it's not straightforward.

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Our 10 month old female is also always on the look out for food. When I start chopping in the kitchen she's suddenly there with her nose to the ground in case a crumb falls and we have to watch her like a hawk on walks! We affectionately refer to her as "scav".

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@eeeefarm i think you're right that it can be confusion rather than will. Ellie sits and briefly waits for her meals and even now sometimes just looks at me when I give her the command to eat it, not understanding.

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I'm not as experienced as others, but have a 10 month old female so have just come out the other side and found it very frustrating!

The turn around for me was deciding that I would take her out every hour rather than waiting for her to show signs. Taking her in the garden wasn't working as she would just get really stressed wanting to come in and still wouldn't go, but I found that taking her out for a quick walk around our road was much quicker and more effective and removed the battle of the wills element.

She didn't necessarily go every time and there were still some accidents but the increased frequency meant that she had many more opportunities to go outside and less to go inside, so going inside started to feel less natural to her and after just a couple of days of this routine it finally felt we were getting somewhere.

As she matured and obviously needed to go less often I increased the frequency to 1.5 hours, 2 hours etc. and eventually she started asking to go herself. About a month ago she started not needing to go for a much longer period of time and now I don't really need to think about whether she has been unless we are going to bed and I want her to sleep through the night!

With consistency and physical maturity it does get better! If you have 4 days off you could focus on regular toileting opportunities and hopefully get into a better pattern.

Personally I found it unhelpful to let myself get overly controlling about it and we both had a much better experience trying to relax if she didn't need to go or.had an accident, but at the same time being disciplined enough to make sure I to tried again an hour later.

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The Basenji Annual Estrus:
African Origins

While the Basenji for the most part has a seasonal annual cycle there is a tendency for some Basenjis to have a second estrus. This pattern originated in Africa and continued in the first generation out of Africa."

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The mornings are a bit bright for Ellie now that the clocks have gone forward!


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My 10 month old was born after a surprise second season! I don't think it had happened before and the mum was 4 years old at the time.

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