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Taken last month - she's 11 months now.


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The mornings are a bit bright for Ellie now that the clocks have gone forward!


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Welcome! We are next door in Kent with a 6 month old called Ellie. I think there are a few Basenjis in London.0_1607705164699_IMG_20201202_074801~2.jpg

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Hello from next door in Kent (Rochester). We have an 8 month old - Ellie. Hope Juno enjoys settling in.


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@eeeefarm we have floor to ceiling doors at the back of the house, but she prefers the front bay window as there is more going on on the road than the garden!!1_1606847457608_120222509_10159157301552150_3936835549924226848_o.jpg 0_1606847457607_120375255_10159166041917150_6508322738212635589_o.jpg

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We also have an 11 month old and I have had to spend a lot of time training my children to recognise when she doesn't want affection e.g. lip smacking, yawning and looking away. With consistent reminding they now understand and sometimes have to remind me 😀 They are older though (8 and 14) so easier to train.

As already suggested a separate Basenji sleeping area that is out of bounds to your 3 year old would be helpful. We use an open crate with a blanket over the top and none of us approach it when she does in there for peace and quiet.

How old is your other child? Can they help to remind your 3 year old?

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I allowed my children to share my bed until they were ready to sleep independently, but was adamant I wasn't going to do the same with a dog...didn't take long for her to join us ,😄

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My 11 month old went into the vet alone last month and did not consent to being examined. The vet said she was "a bit snappy" and that they tried to muzzle her, but that she wouldn't accept that either, so they used a rolled up towel around her neck, which they said calmed her and prevented her from biting..She didn't seem concerned about her snapping and appreciated that she didn't know them and was alone.

I had to take her again today (to a different branch) and due to that memory she was very reluctant to go in, but thankfully due to Covid restrictions being lifted here in the UK I was allowed in with her. The vet asked me to put one hand under her chin/jaw and to hold her collar with the other while she was examined. There was a small growl when the thermometer went into her back passage (can't blame her!) but me gently restraining her in that way whilst giving lots of verbal praise worked really well.

She also doesn't like strangers approaching her overhead, so I ask people to hold their hand out and let her approach them before scratching her under the chin, pointing out her hackles and that she is nervous. This approach has allowed her to say hello to multiple people, which she really enjoys.

It might be worth shopping around for a different vet who is more patient and willing to think creatively to help your dog tolerate bring examined. Also hopefully it won't be long before you are able to go in with her.

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Our 6 month old starts off in her dog bed next to ours and climbs into our bed about 2 or 3am. We sleep in a low bed so it's a bit too easy for her to get onto it!

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@jengosmonkey Thank you!

She loves food, new people (cautiously) and other dogs (at the moment!). She spends a lot of time sitting on the back of the sofa (in the photos) looking out of the bay window to see what's going on. We have 3 schools at the end of our road so there's plenty to see with the comings and goings.

She doesn't like traveling in the car, going out in the wet to use the toilet, being moved when sleeping and being picked up to do something she doesn't want to do. Luckily she is very food driven so we use that to our advantage! She hates being left alone even within the house.

She is mischievous and enjoys stealing things from around the house and getting chased to retrieve them! She is constantly trying to play fight with us. I have an 8 and 14 yr old sons and she is particularly playful with the 8 year old.

She hasn't yodeled yet, but does a singing noise when she yawns and growls or cries when she isn't happy.

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Our Basenji loves tug of war, but we don't go too far and mostly let her win!

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@enquiring_mind said in Patiently (ish) waiting:

Jade Mysterious Talisman


We are in the South East (UK) and have Ellie who is almost 9 months. Her Father is Mozart Mysterious Talisman!


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