Here is a couple pictures of the new girl. I bought her a big doggy bag today so she will now (until she gets big) be my little shopping buddy.


If Bruiser was forced to fit in a bag, he would immediately dig himself out of it and find his own store to go shopping at without me! Basenji's are not bag dogs and will eventually ruin your plans of domination over them. Good luck, I hope it all works out. She is a cutie!

Yeah I worried about that until she curled up and fell asleep in it. I think we got a calm one, except in the crate.

Cute pics, love the little wrinkles

Very seet! I love the wrinkles…she kind of has that "worried" look because of them! Let us know how it works out in the shopping bag...I'd love to see her sleeping in it...

Cute! Who is her breeder, again?

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