• My fella loves his bankies like crazy. As I do, in winter. there is one that I have on th couch that, last evening, he was a bit overly Basenji 'cause it was in the wash. He's been just a bit " basenji' about a couple of other "bankies" Is there an intervention we can try??? He Loves his Bankies…..

    PS: most human folk will have no idea what I mean......B folk...God love ya!!!!

    Maybe "bASENJI bLANKETS Annonomous?

  • Mine do not like the cheap ones either they only love the $150 thick fleece blankets. I love when cold weather comes as it becomes basenji cuddling season. Can't keep them off you- the big babies!

  • Even this summer, my boy has wanted to sleep under his 'bankie'. 90 degrees or more. still wants to be under the blanket. I'm tellin' you , It's an addiction and needs an intervention of some sort 😃

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