• 😃

    Maya has recently been in season and thankfully, it was a LOT easier than the last one :rolleyes: But, due to him being beaten up by his sister, my pug Vinnie has now come back to live with me 😃 Maya is driving him nuts! He was in his crate this morning eating his breakfast and she was sitting with her back against the bars rubbing her head and shoulders on the crate, or just sticking her bum in his face 😃 Poor little man!! He was more interested in his fried chicken and rice breakfast, bless him 😃

    Pugenji's would not be a good cross no matter what Maya thinks :rolleyes: She is now in a seperate room completely cos the poor little guy wont get any peace and quiet at this rate otherwise!!

  • What a Tart ! 😉

  • I guess when they get "that way" any guy will do - poor Vinnie. I must say the visual images of a pugenji are a little hilarious!

  • The only other man she lives with is Riley my brain damaged neutered labrador. He HATES her when she's in season (she climbs all over him and follows him around 😃 ) so just barks at her and runs away if she comes near him at the moment lol!

    Poor Maya, none of the men want her 😞

    Pugenji would be an interesting looking dog i think!!lol

  • I wonder if it would be a Pugenji or simply just a Bug 😃

  • Fibula, I should imagine that the two breeds combined would be a bug!!!!

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