• Just looked at the results from WELKS. Congratulation to Steve with Poppy and to Scott with Tilly who won RBCC. Seems they both had a good day.:)

  • Congrats to Steve, Poppy, Scott and Tilly ūüôā

  • Thanks we had very mixed weather at the show, some times it was hot and sunny other times it was raining. Poppy was shivering during her class, but 1st isn‚Äôt bad!

    It warmed up for the awarding of the CC & Res CC, well done Scott and Tilly for gaining the Res CC


  • Thanks guys - we were really pleased. And i know it rained on and off, but the sun must have been really strong when it was out - my face is now bright red, and i have burned the top of my head - keep forgetting i dont have hair there to protect it lol.

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