• We are planning a vacation to Colorado at the end of the Month and plan to run the whippets and basenjis in Peyton, Colorado. I'm told they don't see basenjis out there much, but if anyone would like to join us, the 2 boys would love company.

  • Hey!! I'm so glad I caught your post! I have a basenji here in Colorado where we live and you are absolutely right I don't see hardly any Basenis out here. I've been looking for a play date. Do you happen to be in Colorado now? If so shoot me an email ericaschu1@aol.com
    hope to hear from you, if not I hope you enjoyed your stay here in beautiful Colorado! If you ever feel like moving out here be sure to let me know 😉

  • Actually Siriusly, there are quite a few basenjis in Colorado. Look around here:

    Unfortunately you just missed the national specialty, there were hundreds of basenjis in Greeley that week! This weekend, if you want a little drive, there are major numbers of basenjis entered in the Pueblo dogshow. And my Zest! is often entered in agility shows throughout the state. I'll try to remember to post here about our next trial if you'd like. Sometimes she's good, sometimes she's entertaining.

  • We will probably be back next June for NOTRA and the Colorado springs dog show. We plan to spend a week on vacation. I will have a new puppy by then and she will need some additional play dates. Trog and Xander are always ready to play as well.

  • Thanks for your help agile but that website wants me to pay to become a member unfortunately. I am not really up for that right now. Appreciate it though! Okay Lisa! that sounds great. Here is my email if you don't already have it
    How old are Trog and Xander? Sirius is about 13-14years old.

  • Trog is 4 and Xander is 2, Trog lived with 2 of mine who were 13 and 14 when he came on board as the next generation. I also have two wild 4 yr old whippet girls who keep the basenjis well in line.

  • Erica, I send you a friend request on FaceBook. I have 4 or 5 basenji friends in Colorado and lots of other sighthound friends out there.

  • Nice! I just got your friend request on facebook! woohoo!
    Whippets are nice dogs, but I'm looking for a basenji to play with. Don't mean to discriminate!

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