• My puppy is 9 weeks old. I'm feeding him 3 times a day with 2 ounces of puppy food each feeding. Does he need more? I'm feeding my 13 month basenji once a day 8 ounces of food. Is that enough? She is about 18 lbs.

    They would eat more if I gave it to them.

  • For your 13 month old, how is her weight? Can you just faintly see her ribs? Does she have a nice waist? There is really no "set" amount, each dog is different in built. How tall is your 13 month?

    For your puppy, what did your breeder tell you? That is your best source? Personally I like to keep a puppy a bit on the "plump" side till 4 months or so… I have had experiences with a puppy getting sick and had he not carried a bit more weight, we would have lost him. But again, your breeder should be your best resource....

    And what kind of food are you feeding? The better quality food the better for the dog...

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