Adorable Benjii needs a home..

  • AJ, I will try to find out more re this guy..I would do you the kindness of posting Mr./Ms. before your AJ, but don't want to offend if I put the wrong thing.
    Anyway, thank you for your concern re this old guy!

  • AJ's Human is Belinda, a woman.

    AJ is the basenji, a boy.

    Hope you can get more info on the rescue boy.


  • Thank you, Ms. Nicole.

    Yes, my user name is a bit ambiguous. One of these days I will post a picture of myself and AJ. I always seem to be on the wrong side of the camera.

    And please don't feel bad…half of the time, I misspell your name. :o

  • Ms. Sharron, do we have any word on this boy yet? I know it's only been a few days, but I hate the idea of this old fellow being passed over because of something that is quite obviously not his fault and was completely preventable.

  • Texas has four screeners for the state. I posted to one asking who to ask, re the Austin area.
    Will let you know when I hear. If I don't hear by tomorrow, I will post to the other 3.
    Fingers crossed, I will have some info soon.

  • Here is the latest post I got from the Texas BRAT person….....

    Benji was sprung from jail on Friday. He appears to be a healthy, sweetheart of a boy.


    I asked her to let me know what the vets say, and his status...

  • Thank you, Ms. Sharron. That is excellent news. I will pass it on to other interested sources.

  • Oh, even better news today..Wendy posted to me that the foster home MIGHT be his forever home! Yea!!!!!!!!!!!
    I so hope this is true…

  • Houston

    Very good news..keeping my fingers crossed this is actually happening..

  • More good news. Thank you.

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