Bunk Bed Christmas Present

My girls had a lovely christmas and were thoroughly spoilt! They were happy with their new bunk bed!

Hope everyone had a wonderful xmas!

That's awesome, I want one! Where did you get it?

I got it from a recent show, Maya picked it out herself!! It is a new company over here in the UK that are importing top quality beds from China. And i can certainly vouch for the quality of their beds, this one is fantastic quality wicker and the blankets are brilliant too!

This is the companies website they have just set up, theres not much on there at the moment though!lol


That bed is awesome. Love it. Have there been any disagreements about who gets the top and who gets the bottom?

In my house though I don't think it would make it a day - wicker would be too tempting for my 3 to not chew on.

Nice bed I do like it.

Rita Jean

No disagreements at all! Maya and Delilah just adore each other though, they were both snuggled up in the bottom bit earlier, bless! Lilah doesnt like the top bunk and thats Maya's favourite place to sit now so it works perfectly 😃

Cool bed. Seems like the top bunk was made for a basenji.

And nice to know they're Doctor Who fans too. :p

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