• At a recent show my mum bought Maya her christmas present - a new bed!! Its actually for Delilah and Maya as its a bunk bed! Lilah can sleep in the bottom and Maya on the top, i love it 😃 We were looking at loads of different beds but Maya picked this one out, she absolutely refused to try the other ones and just kept jumping on this one so we had to buy it :rolleyes: Anyway, it is being hidden at my mums house at the moment, we're going there for xmas so Maya will get to have it on Christmas day, along with her other pressies (toys, chews etc) but i thought i'd share these pics taken at the show when we bought it - i think she loves it!! They're rubbish pictures taken on my phone, but i think she looks happy 😃

  • Great pics! Maya has a good taste 😃

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