I heard on the radio that there will be a Petpalooza in Norfolk Feb 3 and 4th.

The website it

Sounds like a lot of fun, the pet pyschic will be there, maybe she can tell me what Zahra really thinks! :p

This is too funny! I wish I lived close enough to attend…I would love to have a visit with the pet psychic 😃 😃 😃 Maybe she could relay some messages!

I went by the Petpalooza today at the Ted Constant Center, it wasn't too bad, I thought there would have been more vendors there.

They had some neat shows and the pet psychic but I didn't have either of my dogs to check the psychic out.

It is going on tomorrow until 4:00 pm so I may go back over with Zahra.

I did see a B mix there today but most of the dogs were these tiny little Paris Hilton dogs, Greyhounds or Yellow Labs.

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