Huge paws
Basenji Mix

Now I know that she is a mix breed with some type of shepherd in her but by the size of her paws, looks like she will be a huge dog…what do you think?

I think she has a good understanding. 😃

No matter how large she ends up, you will love her. That's the important thing.

Basenji Mix

I will definitely love her forever and ever but I was just wondering if I should feed her large breed puppy food?

It probably wouldn't be a bad idea…shepherds have a predisposition to hip problems. If they grow too fast, it exacerbates the problem. Also, depending on the Basenji line your pup has, it may be a slow-maturing line. In that case, they aren't supposed to grow too fast.

Let's see what the experts have to say about might consider direct messaging Tanza or Khanis.

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