• It's always fun with Basenji's around you…

    Boys were asleep in their radiator bed:

    I took care after Ryan, he has his own place to play on. I have a few warm blankets that I use for him..
    Only our cat spaiky is also crazy about the nice warm blankets and he sleeps at them.. So, I took one blancet and use that as a "cover" blanket (I remove it when Ryan goes to play and place it when he isn't playing..
    I placed it at the table and went playing with Ryan..

    When I wanted to pay a visit to the radiator beds with Ryan (he likes to pet the B's, they like to be pet by him :D) I missed Chafuko :eek::eek:

    I found him a second later:

    😃 He was sitting ON the table… Looking as cute as he could look...
    "look mommy, aren't I a sweet little baby???"

  • Very cute…yes, b's love the warm, be it by the stove, or on your lap.

  • I love it they both just look so handsome. Chafuko looking good I think he wanted to know were his baby Ryan was.

    Rita Jean

  • He looks super cute 🙂

  • Is the cat tree for your basenji's?

  • @Manah:

    Is the cat tree for your basenji's?

    😃 No, That's for our cat Spaiky 😃

  • Cheeky Chafuko trying to claim Ryans blanket as well 😃

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