My Furkiddos

Javert is my R&W boy, and Jazzie is my brindle girl. 😃

How cute they both look!

Beautiful pictures! I love my Gibby (R&W boy) and think him so regal and beautiful but totally enjoy seeing pics of all the other B's! I have never met or seen a brindle in person and am always stunned by what a beautiful color they are in photographs.

Both great pics, but I especially love the one of Jazzy…the colors, composition (and the dog, of course) are just beautiful!

Andrea Walters
Quercus basenjis
Toledo, Ohio

They're both precious! Great pictures!

I have only been a part of the forum for a couple of weeks, but your brindle is the first I have seen here. I have a brindle Basenji/Whippet mix. It's hard to tell from the picture, but your brindle seems to be much darker than mine, as are all the brindle basenjis I have seen. If you have more, please post more pics. I'd love to see them.

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