• I've had a slight issue with Kananga trying to jump up and bite my leg when I'm leaving home. It's a harmless play bite, but I worry it could lead to behavior issues over time. He also does this when people are over at my home. They will be sitting on the couch, get up to use the restroom, and Kananga will try to "hunt them down" playfully. It's actually quite entertaining for me to watch, but again, I worry it's not appropriate behavior.

    Any ideas what causes them to do this and what's the best method of correction?

    I try to stop in my tracks and tell him to sit when he does this, although it works to stop him temporarily, I'm not confident it is a long-term solution.

    He's actually been a good boy lately. No furniture chewing for quite some time and he's become very fond of his crate while I'm away. I find him hanging out in there on his own now. šŸ˜ƒ

  • Whoops, just realized I posted this in the Health sub-forum. My mistake.

  • Buddy does the same. Sometimes he'll just turn in the middle of crossing the street on a walk and do the jump up play biting. He stopped doing it for a while but has started up recently doing it on occasion. It's a puppy thing that is disappearing. He was really bad with doing that at the obedience classes while I was trying to get him to heal. When I walk around the house he'll come up behind me and bite my pants and put his foot around the front of my shoe to try and stop me.

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