• Right, well, firstly the pictures aren't great and theres only three of them. My mums other 'alf was coming along JUST to get some nice pics of Maya and completely forgot as he was sat there chattering away so he had to grab the camera quickly and just got these three before he (presumably) got bored :rolleyes:

    But anyway, the one on the table is nice at least!! Im going to request he get a video next time as i never get to see how Maya looks in the ring as i always handle her šŸ˜ƒ

    Shame he didnt get us going the other way, what do you think of my movement though? Not exactly the most ground covering stride but not bad considering i've had conformation-altering surgery on my knee (dont tell the KC!!) :p

    And this is as we were just stopping after our lap around the ring

    They are dead boring, sorry :o

  • Too bad the pictures didn't turn out the way you wanted. šŸ˜ž Maya still looks pretty though šŸ™‚

  • Basenji pics could never be boring to us Basenji junkies Jess,lol

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