Hi all from currently soggy California

  • I just joined a day ago after falling across this board so to speak, by accident while looking something up.

    I do not have a Basenji and never have, matter of fact with APT "no pets allowed" have never had a dog at all, but throughout growing up and now as an adult I have had magnetic connections shall we say?;) with neighboring dogs ' obeying' me more then their owners, perhaps as my pleasure comes from observing them as they naturally behave in nature.
    My preference and beleif in training is that its better to learn how a particular dog learns and go from there. If not fun for them and for me, whats the point?

    I have been enchanted by the Basenji breed for years, I know from the mid to late 70s when a local paper had a profile on the breed. Then when I met my first ones at a vet I worked at…. love.

    I am not sure if they would be the right breed for me, from their idiosyncrasies shall we say? But they do facinate me. I play an online game based on breeding and showing and chose the Basenji as my breed of choice...

    I do have a cat, have had cats for years, since 74, despite a variety of no pet rules, now having a condo I have more freedom.

    I do have a variety of pups in my life, ranging from almost 2 yrs old, to 16 years, as well as my almost 12 yr old kitty Missy
    She is inside only and hides when my sisters Cavalier comes over.

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