Shade Screens for ex-pens

I'm trying to find some of the "shade screens" you can use to put over ex-pens such as at coursing events, etc. The ones that I am interested in look like a durable woven mesh fabric and are big enough to go over the sides of the pen most of the way (I have a 42" high pen). If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it. Thanks! 😃

Home Depot, you can buy it by the yard.

My husband said he got ours at Orchard Supply Hardware not Home Depot but I think it is at Home Depot too.

Cool, I'll check this weekend. I'm guessing it would be in the gardening section if they sell it to protect plants.

I am not sure but that makes sense. I think it is called "shade cloth" so you can ask someone at the store if you are having trouble finding it.

Here is a link to the Home Depot page with it on it,

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