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    Poor sweet Pharaoh just can't catch a break (picture attached). Despite
    it all, he is just as sweet as can be! First, as a puppy he ends up
    with a family that doesn't bother to take him to the vet for the most
    basica vaccines or any other veterinary needs.:mad: Then, at the young age of just 8 months, they decide they don't want him anymore and dump him at
    a local shelter. Cherokee County Humane Society took sweet Pharaoh
    into our program on Monday with the hope that finally, he can get his
    life on track. He got neutered and up to date on all vetting. He was
    then diagnosed with luxating patellas!! The hope is that this problem
    can be managed with supplements and not surgery but we haven't even had
    a chance to find out if that will work b/c by Thursday, sweet Pharaoh
    was diagnosed with Parvo. Parvo is costly to treat but this boy has so
    much heart we just couldn't decline treatment, we just knew we had to
    give Pharaoh a chance!! Can you help Pharaoh? Had his first family
    only taken the time to take him to the vet as a puppy, he wouldn't be
    fighting for his life right now........
    Donations to his costly Parvo treatment are needed and appreciated. Any
    amount helps!!
    Donations to his treatment can be called in directly to the vet
    (Allatoona Animal Hospital, 678-445-1111, CCHS Acct #1241), made via
    Paypal or by check. Please please let me know if you can contribute to
    his care at

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