• Hi everyone. My name is Virginia and I am owned by two lively Basenji's.
    The first is Gambit my BOY !! He is a tri and is 5 years old. He is from
    a breeder in Washington. And the love of my life.
    My second Basenji is Tipper she is a lovely red Brindle and she is also
    5 years old. She is my little Alpha dog and a real handful. :eek:
    We rescued her when she was 18 months old from a family who did
    not know much about Basenji's or just did not care. But she is in
    our home now and we love her a lot too. We have a few problems
    with her, every now and then but nothing that reading the BRAT
    cololum has not helped to cure. I also have a real great friend and mentor
    In Pocatello, Idaho , who has helped me immensely, with any and all questions when I needed it. I hope that everyone is as great on here.:)

  • Hi, I am in WA state.
    Are you as well?
    Who was the breeder you got your basenji from…maybe I know them.
    I have 2 b's at my home as well, one brindle boy and one r/w girl.
    Aren't they just a joy...when they are good!

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