Dog of the year show

Last year Buana was invited, this year it's Chafuko who got THE letter 🆒

All Netherlands Best of Breed dogs wich end first, second or third in the group judging will be invited tot his show.

It has a catwalk and last year many many visitors!
Just to walk on the catwalk in the spotlight, and during that a man with a microphone tells about your dog) is such a great feeling.

This year, I will sit at the stage, Kas and Chafuko on the catwalk!
I'm so proud of them! 😃

Here is a video on youtube, from last year.. (very short but it will give a example)

next to the catwalk, there al judges from netherlands topshows.

The dog of the year show is a show for celebrating the nice results of the dogs wich walk there.

Very nice, congrats!

Congratulations - hope it goes well this year.

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