To pheonix3

Sorry..I can't for the life of my figure out how to Pm on this board! Anyways…I noticed that you are located in El Paso...I am in Las Cruces.

PM is disabled.

Hi Anandakiora

Yep i'm in Elpaso i have only been here for a few mths still gettting used to the area I have heard of Las Cruces but haven't been there as of yet. I don't know if i'm allowed to write my Yahoo address in here or not so we can chat .

Does anyone know if that's agaist the rules ?

As this is a public forum, unfortunately posting personal contact information such as emails is against our forum guidelines.

You can find our forum rules here:

Are you on my space? if you look up I think if you search my name Rachel in conjuction with Las Cruces on my space, you should be able to find me. My Pic is of a yellow dog…my non basenji dog. What I am writing is within the rules right? because I didn't put my e-mail or telephone. I would put a direct link but I am not sure if there is too much personal info on my profile? Anyways Rachel, Las Cruces, my profile pic is of a longhaired yellow dog curled up in a chair.

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