Show your pic´s of an escape artist

  • Myran making a run for it aged 12 weeks at his breeder.
    So does anybody else have a pic of their little dearies escaping:D

  • Same here as with a the wrinkles doesn´t anyone have a pic of their Basenji escaping that´s worth publishing?????

  • Here's one of Damisi, like 2 days after I brought her home about 8.5-9 weeks.


  • Hahaa one more monkey on the run any more pic´s Arlene can´t have the only unruly basenji on this forum…LOL
    Now calling out for more pic´s somewhere there must be a real Houdini or escapist from Alcatraz they say a basenji can climb over a 6 feet chainlink fence does anyone have hard evidence of so happening...;)

  • Sugar will, but I have no pics and right now she's a little 'fluffy' to be climbing. She'll only get bigger in the next two weeks!

  • I know I've posted this in the gallery, but they fit the topic so – Jazzy showing the reason why we closed off the cat door into the garage:

  • Hahhaa that´s one tigthly squeezed bum let´s hope the tail came out of it unscaved 😃

  • @ JazzysMom: what a GREAT pic!!! 😃 😃

    Tillo and his brother and sisters were also escape artists as pups.. Their puppykennel even got a roof after some while 😃

  • More pic´s of Basenji Monkeys 😃

  • Those pictures are FUN! Keep them coming!!

  • I don't have any photos, but my great nephew uses the doggie door to go outside to see the squirrels…he is 2!

  • hahaha what a fun pictures :d
    my basenjis arent very big escape artists. we have to watch Jenson very carefull though, as he is so quick and befor you know it he is outside when you open the door!
    I am very happy my basenjis arent graduaded escapologists, I have my hands full concerning escaping with my youngest ibizan hound female Smitthy, she can squeeze herself through holes of about 20 cm…... and she is a dog that measures 66 cm at the withers!!!'

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