• Jazzy took Reserve Winner's today in Ridgefield,WA.
    Yay! Her!

    Afterward my friend and I went to meet my sister in Battle Ground, WA. As we waited for my sister we were walking Jazzy around a parking lot. A police car pulled into the lot and stopped across the way from us, the cop on the driver's side rolled his window down and greeted us. We were thinking, "Are we not supposed to have the dog here", but he said, "I was just admiring your dog." I laughed and told him to feel free, so he got out and was petting her, asking questions. The other cop asked if she was a Basenji, and asked if she was difficult to manage โ€“ he'd obviously heard some things. LOL

    Anyway, Jazz did her best to be a goodwill ambassador for the breed. They really seemed to like her. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ I was pretty proud of my girl!

  • โ€ฆsnd you should be proud! Congrats!

  • wasnt jazzy the girl at the specialty that just let my son (3yr old) come right up to her and play?
    reserve winner, eh? now how close to finished is she? congrats, she soooo pretty.

  • Well, I do recall that the first time I saw you and your son he DID walk up and kind of lay on her back! LOL
    Two points to go!! Those sneaky little last two points.
    Next show is Whidby on Nov. 18. Wish her luck!!

  • oh definitely, i wish her the best of luck! how far is that from silverdale? fender is doing his first show in march. (AHH what am i getting into?!!!)maybe i will drive out, i know there wont be any shows for awhile pretty soon. my hubby is gone, so holden and i have lots of free time. (story of my life)
    off topic, but do you suppose if i sprayed bitter apple on the leftover trick or treat candy i would quit eating it?

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