• Honey is on a mainland trip to finish her Championship and take a shot at motherhood before she returns to the island….
    this is her win shot from two weeks ago!

    Now, if only she'd get a wiggle on it and we could do the U/S and find out how many little honeypots are in there!!

  • Lovely.
    See you ringside.

  • Pretty girl!

  • Cutie pie!!! Will she be out for any trials Kathy? Or is she just showing for conformation?

  • She's really lovely. Best wishes on a happy, healthy litter. 🙂

  • No lure coursing.
    She is here to finish her Championship and whelp a litter, then I will send her back to Hawaii.
    She wasn't here long enough before she came in season for me to let her loose on a field…. did that and it was a mistake!
    I am sure she'd course, but since she couldn't finish her title, there is no sense in subjecting ME to the stress of making sure I catch her since she isn't really my dog!!
    Her registered name is Teazer's Skylark.
    Honey is Fanconi Clear, OFA Excellent, CERFd Normal.
    She is a doll, and I suspect these pups will be quite sweet, and just hopefully they will have Daddy Moses keen ability to course AND do agility and rally!

  • oh congrats Kathy. Cant wait to hear all about the little rascals when they get here. 😃

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