• If you want the contact information for the trial secretaries you can contact me via my website or you can look on the calendars for each organization, they should list email contacts for the clubs.

    On august 30 and 31 and September 1, over Labor Day Weekend, the Northern California Whippet Club is proud to host 3 days of racing and coursing for sighthounds at 3 different Parks in Livermore, CA.

    Saturday (8/30/08) NAWRA & LGRA straight racing
    Robert Livermore Park, 991 Loyola Way

    Sunday (8/31/08) NOTRA oval track racing
    Independence Park, 2798 Holmes St

    Monday (9/1/08) ASFA lure coursing
    Robertson Park, 3200 Robertson Park Road

    Individual entry in any one or two of these events is welcome. However, for an additional $3/hound and submission of the attached entry form, a hound entered ALL THREE days of the Labor Day weekend may compete to become the “IRON HOUND” in its breed. The Northern California Whippet Club is offering a framed certificate to the Iron Hound winner in each breed in the competition. Hounds need not complete all three events to compete for the Iron Hound title. However, all hounds that DO complete all 3 events without scratching will receive an Honorable Mention Rosette. Scoring for the IRON HOUND will be based on the RANK within each breed among those entered in the Iron Hound competition. There will be no between breed competition and no overall Iron Hound. For your information, I have attached a list of past winners of the Iron Hound competitions.

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