Similar markings…

Janneke's recent photo post sort of triggered this one… How many B's have a similar white spot on the back of the neck?

Janneke's stunning Mirtillo is here:


Mirtillo is almost 5 months here:

My B-mix, Tucker, is pictured below:

MacPack, you mentioned your Topper has a similar one as well? got a pic to add here?? It'd be interesting to see how many (on this board) have a similar patch.

Dallas has one. You can kid of see it in this photo. Although, the bottom of his marking is cut off by his jersey, you get the idea 🙂


Sorry, I am tech-challenged so haven't ever posted any photos here! I love those matching blazes.


Those are nice blazes. Zenu has a slim, "L" shaped white blaze on the back of her neck. If she turns her head and neck a certain way, it looks like a crescent or a "C."

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