Video: Chance vs Dyson Vacuum

He does that everytime we try to vacuum. This time I had to go after him a little.


Wish I could get your video's to play, but all mine have always chased the vaccuum…. it is a giant game.... much nicer however with my Dyson.. then when OJ used to bite the upright bag and punch holes in it...

I tried the video on multiple browsers Internet Explorer 6,7/Firefox 2,3 and it works ok for me. What internet browser are you using? Anyone else having issues viewing these videos?

Explorer 7

Haha, that's funny! Mirtillo loves to play with the vacuum as well!

hahaha… awesome!! Miles will occasionally try to attack our Dyson, but not the attachment-- he likes when we "brush" him with the brush tool! lol

I'd be careful. I used to do that to Blaze all the time, thinking we were playing… I accidently left the vacuum out one day and he ate it. He chewed the cord into several pieces, he chewed the hose into a couple of pieces, then he opened her up and tore open the bag... I have learnt my lesson... "try cleaning that up without your sucky tool mom, ha!"
I don't bug him anymore when I need to vacuum.

Yeah, I know. He already tried to chew up one of the attachments when I left the vacuum and went to another room. Lesson learned.

Good thing, Dyson doesn't have a bag 🙂

Mine do pretty much the same thing. They also love to chase a Swiffer around when we use that on the hardwoods.

That reminds me. I don't know why but they both get really crazy over Swiffer duster. Both dogs continuosely follow me around whenever I dust the house and try to rip it out of my hand.

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