• I took Zahra out to potty this morning in my front yard, the neighbors have put up an adorable scarecrow. Zahra spotted it, started this low strange sort of growl noise, her back hair was standing straight up and she was starring it down. :eek: I could not get her to move, when I walked her back into the house she stood at the door doing the growling thing like it was going to come to our door and ring the door bell! LOL!

    I guess I will have to walk her over there this afternoon and show her that the scare crow is not real however it looks like it is doing its job! LOL! 😃

  • Oh, I love that. I can totally see it.

    One of our walks, there was one of those "party here today" balloons tied to a street sign, and we were walking along routinely when it FLAPPED in the wind. Curie hit the dirt, flat, and then took off at top speed in the other direction. I'm convinced she thought it was a bird of prey.

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