I made a couple new videos of Tuck and tossed them up on Youtube.

Check 'em:

Watch Maggie clobber the wall at 0:30. She's overweight and can't corner like Tucker. You don't see this, but at :40, after they stopped before the first cut/edit, Maggies back leg was shaking uncontrollably. It was HILARIOUS! And, finally, for some reason the last 30 seconds of the video were sped up somehow (must have been something I hit on my phone while recording it). Tucker isn't THAT fast. 🙂


Here's another. My girlfriend has an OESD and her mom has THREE. This was Tucker's first visit at Tara's mom's place. All it all it went pretty well. Tucker made it known he was not to be messed with early. Mostly they just chased each other around. Tucker got a little snarky from time to time but considering Tucker's past, I think he did well. No blood was shed and he took a liking to Luke (he kept 'hugging' him in this video). I think Tuck thought of Luke as a plush toy or something. Maggie is the one that participates the least (she's kinda fat and outta shape and has lots of allergies). Lizzie is the other one. 🙂 The Sheepdogs had homefield advantage…


Let me know what you think. This was a leap beyond my first one that was just raw video. I've now started mucking about with Windows Movie Maker…