• My wife and I have been planning a short trip it Arkansas for the Folk music festival, in June, so we have been planning on boarding our 3 girls with our Vet of 8 years. Upon calling the office and making reservations for the girls to stay for the week I was informed that one of the Vets would have to call me back to talk about the reservations. As we have boarded our 2 older girls with them a number of times i couldnt quite understand the problem but said I would wait to hear from the Doctor. About and hour later the Vet called and informed me that because of the agressive behavior of our 13yo Jindo, Sami, and the fact that Bitty, our B, bit one of the techs when she was in for her spaying they would not be able to board our girls any longer.
    My problem is this, we have been taking our dogs to this vet for over 8 years and have never had a problem, before, but now since we have added this ferocious 17 pound Basenji to the group we are no longer wanted, or at least that is the way it seems to me. In my opinion, we are being punished because one if the young techs was not familiar with B's and their attitudes, and got careless. Anyway, after an hour of calling Vet offices and boarding kennels we were able to find one who was familiar with Basenji's and had at least heard of the Jindo's dislike of being manhandled.
    Now we are shopping for a new Vet.

  • Our previous dog, a psychotic Lab, hated most, if not all, non-family members. Cassie was a definite biter and had attacked and bitten one of our Vet's techs while being boarded. Thank goodness they didn't ban Cassie from being boarded there. This is how they handled it: When I would take Cassie, I would give her a tranquilizer to make her a tiny bit less anxious. If she was just there for a check up, I was required to put a muzzle on her before the Vet would touch her. If I boarded her: They had ME take her back and put her in her cage/run. The cage also had a door that opened to the outside run and they had a way to open it without someone entering her cage. They would release her to the outside run and do anything and everything that had to be done in her cage while she was out. Then they would let her back in. That's also when they put her food in her cage. When we returned from our trip, I took care of all the business transactions and then they would take me to the back and I took her out of her cage and got her leash on her. And then everyone stood back because I'm not a big person and she was a big Lab…..I was like the tail on the kite when we left the building! My point is: If they would put some thought into it, they could find a workable way to board your dogs. They kept a "Bad Dog" sign on Cassies cage and no one was ever allowed to enter it while she was in it. It was doable! God Bless them...our Vet and his techs put up with this for over 10 years! You need to see if they could work out an arrangement similar to the one we had or find a Vet who will work with you.


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