Today it's queensday in the Netherlands. We celibrate the birthday of our queen. (on the day of her mothers (our former queen) birthday.
The main thing you have to do to really celibrate her birthday.. is to wear something orange.. (or the colours of our flag, red/white/blue)

Because our former queen actuelly owned a basenji (see pic: http://www.basenji-club.nl/nederlands/basenjiGeschiedenis.html ), we figured Mirtillo had to celibrate her birthday with us.

So.. we took an old hat.. and made it into a sweater for Mirtillo..

We took Mirtillo with us to the fleemarket.. and now he will be on local television.. :eek: 🆒 😉

Love it!!!! She wears her robe proudly.


Love it!!!! She wears her robe proudly.

It's a he.. :o

Haha.. does he really look like a she?? Hahaha.. :p The hat does look like a dress in the beginning 😃

We also bought some stuffed animals on the fleemarket. (CHEAP!! :D) This is the first one he is allowed to rip apart:

(I hope he keeps him in one piece.. I like this stuffed animal..)

I can't help it. My cats are boys and Mya is a "she". Now, that I look it is a very uni-sex outfit. 😉

He has great wrinkles!

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