Colin, reading.

See? You can almoooooost find the kid who is trying to read, with Keoki's "help", of course.

😃 😃 😃 Doesn't he know that is not his chair, K has claimed it, and as you know once a Basenji's always a Basenji's!!! hehe

hahhahaha one time i was sitting indian style on the bed trying to do an open book test for my child psych class, and rocky decided to lay on my lap.. on top of my book.. hahahaha i know i took a picture on my phone of it if i still have it ill post it.. but when they want attention.. it doesnt matter WHAT you're doing.. lol gotta love em.

This is so true, Attention is what they crave, after food of course!!!!:D 😃

lol! basenji's always find a way to let you know when it's "treat time" :p

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