• so Mia got spayed in mid December, and the spot that they shaved on her tummy doesn't really seem to be growing in. How long does it take to fill out again? I think they shaved quite a bit if you ask me, it's like at least 3 inches up from her scar on each side. Where they put the IV on her arm is growing in a little faster than her tummy.

  • Cory was spayed in December also and her hair is still growing in. (I had to look - since it is in the middle of white hair, it isn't too noticeable.) I think dog hair just grows in slower - at least it seems that way. When we adopted our basset, she had just completed treatment for heartworms and had shaved areas where the IVs had been. Seemed like it took furever for the hair to fill in completely.


  • I don't remember how long Jazzy's took last Summer, but Keoki was nuetered in early December and his is still growing in also. You can still tell where his leg was shaved; it's about grown in, but you can still see lines.

  • Squiggy had ear surgery on 11-20-07 and his hair on his head is still growing in and hasnt blended in yet.
    So, it takes awhile.

  • When chewy was neuterd it took his fur abd 4 mths to completey grow back in.

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