Basil Brush!

Here's some pics of my wee man, Basil. He's a basenji/gsd cross- but he looks most like a dingo according to everyone we meet :P.

Chilling out at home

Look at that face! I love it.

Basil heart bones. Here you can see his non-basenji constantly shedding coat.

Thank you for the pics, he's absolutely adorable.

Found one of my faves that I HAD to post lol.

Pocket wanted some pics of her on the basenji forum too.

Your babies are just beautiful, especially the B mix, his face is adorable, and all so sweet looking. They are big dogs, I know they keep you busy.

Basil and Pocket (how did he get that name?) are sweet looking dogs. Basil looks like a wise soul. What is Pocket - also a mix?


Thanks everyone- I absolutely adore my furkids. They aren't too big, thank goodness- still small enough to both fit on the bed LOL

Basil looks a lot wiser than he acts, I think 😛 He's a real character- my partner says he's actually a little horror disguised as an angel. Lucky for him he looks so cute!

Pocket's a real mongrel- a greyhound/ridgeback/lab/staffy cross. I got her as a pup from a BYB before I knew better. Her full name is actually Pocket Rocket- named because she was the runt of the litter and can run like the wind :).

Pretty dogs 🙂

They are so sweet:) MOre pics, please:D

Adorable dogs! 😃 The Besenji looks just like my dog except a slightly lighter colour. I have a Besenji x (don't know what he's crossed with, got him from dogs trust). (and pocket shouldn't be left out because he is just as cute!

Wonderful dogs! No matter what Basil is mixed with, you can see the Basenji in his expression. And Pocket…what a face!

Great looking dog. You can just imagine a cream colored Basenji!

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