Tiggy in a blanket


Probably bed is most important place for basenjis:D

Cory sleeps in her crate at night where she has two inexpensive fleece throws. She burrows into them and we don't see any part of her. In the early morning, I let her out and she jumps into bed with us…....and immediately burrows down under the comforter to down around our knees or lower backs. They are too funny.


Hallo Tiggy! Greetings from Mroźny Wieczór next Germanika

So cute - basenjis and blankets must be a genetic thing!

haha i agree..

I like the picture of the 4 rigid legs sticking out from under the covers. Those legs are why DH doesn't like Cory to spend the entire night in bed with us - she sleeps with those legs sticking into HIS back. LOL. She doesn't do it if we bring her into bed in the morning to sleep late with us.


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