Basenji/blue heeler needs trail runner parent

  • I am involved in queensland heeler rescue, and I pulled a basenji/blue heeler off death row, but it turns out she is VERY basenji. I have gotten her all healthy, spayed, microchipped, and trained as a reiki II healer,and now I'm trying to find the perfect home for her: non-smoker,non-drug user (ever), responsible, non-hunter, financially stable, trail runner, basenji lover, who works from home, is retired, or similar situation where someone is with her almost all of the time, who lives in a similar environment to Lake Tahoe where she could run out in nature on-leash, no cats, no kids, no dogs where she can get all the love and attention. She's very high energy, but she will sleep in her chair while I work and when it's time to go to bed at night she will snuggle up in bed with me and go to sleep. She will pull lots of shananigans when she is bored, but I think this would be solved or curtailed if she was able to go on a long run everyday. She is super sweet and loving; she just needs the right fit. She is living with me in Lake Tahoe. She is up to date on her shots, no signs of Fanconis per recent urinalysis testing, 39 lbs., does bark because of the blue heeler in her, but not a big talker and makes chewbacca the wookie and scooby doo noises. She's even more cat-like than my father's full-blooded basenji. Her name is Shiloh, and I want her to have the life that she so greatly deserves. My email is: if you want more info, pictures, or think you might be the perfect match for my little Shiloh. ~Thanks~

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