• Ok,,,,,,,,had to share this bit of behavior with all of you. I have been a teacher for 11 year and hardly ever get sick anymore ( I think I could lick a toilet bowl and still be immune to any germs!!!). Anyway, last night I was up all night with some sort of stomach thing – not use to feeling bad like that! I was worried about having to keep the "kids" out of things today knowing that I was not feeling up to par. Then the most amazing thing happened,,,,,,,,they acted like they knew I wasnt feeling well and just layed around with me all day. I cant believe it! Do you think they "know" when we arent feeling well? Sounds crazy but that is the way I am leaning.

  • First of all, I hope you are feeling better, second:

    …( I think I could lick a toilet bowl and still be immune to any germs!!!).

    😃 😃 LMAO!

    …and finally, yes! I have noticed that Nala just "knows" when someone isn't feeling well. She snuggles and hovers and is so incredibly sweet. I find her laying by the kids when they are ill, as well as me and my husband. Aren't they amazing??

  • Oh, yes! My B's know when I have a migraine and lay with me as long as I want and it's the only time they don't make a noise!

  • Yes for sure! Chance knows when mamma isn't feeling well. He will lay down right next to me keeping me company. They know.

  • The day my gallbladder finally up and said "Enough" I was pretty much stuck in bed whining in pain for half the day before I realized it wasn't just an upset stomach and I really needed to get to the hosptial. Shera was pretty calm the whole day and just stayed with me the whole time.

    Animals are funny like that.

  • Yes… Miles knew exactly when to steal my bowl full of dry cheerios off the nightstand after I had surgery and was completely nauseated from the drugs. 😉

  • Animals definitely know. The one day that I've been sick since Ruby arrived, she curled up with me on the couch for most of the day…wasn't her usual rambunctious self.

    I once was taking care of my friend's black lab for a weekend and was sick one of the days. I was on the couch and the dog just came over and put his head on me like he was saying "sorry you don't feel well...don't worry about running around with me, I'll stay with you"...it was the sweetest thing, and we basically just hung out in front of the fire for the day.

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