• Our male tri has the most gentle and articulate lips/mouth.

    he has this silly trick he learned that if he gets something he's not supposed to have, we give him a treat to get him to leave it. It's usually tiny peices of foil wrappers, staples or cellephane.

    Last night he comes up to me chewing on something in his mouth. He brings it to his front lips showing me he has something he's not supposed to have. I can barely see what he has, but it was a tiny piece of clear celephane candy wrapper about 1/4" round. I tell him to give it to me, I hold out my hand and gently drops the tiny object in my hand. I give him a treat. We call them his bargaining chips.

    the next night he comes up to me with a tiny spec of hair/lint. His mouth that can be so feroucious can also be so articulate and gentle.

    He's just so cute, I don't have the heart to laugh at him.

    The problem is when he finds a wire tie, staple, screw that would really be bad for him.

  • that sounds just too darn cute

  • Sahara finds things all the time and knows that they are NO, No's and she will come up to me also and the trick is she wants me to chase her for the item. It is hilarious, she will take off as if to say, "Come On and Get It!!!!!! If I ignore her she will drop the item and come looking for me and once I move towards where the item is she will race me and get it back in her mouth, the little buzzard. There have been time I have lured her away from the item with cheese, or sandwich meat, something she likes really well and she will actually leave the item for me to pick up. Those times are few and far between, with her it is all about the game of chase. This girl is truly special and we love her dearly.:D πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜ƒ

  • When my B asks to be put on the bed and I don't don't it he starts looking around all crazy to see what he can take to rip up and he looks at me from the corner of his eye like saying "If you don't pick me up I'm doing damage", little spoiled furry brat he always gets his way and ends up on the bed.

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