• My husband and I are putting Griffin (our 1 1/2 year old basenji) in the kennel tomorrow for the first time. I honestly think I'm going to have a harder time with this than Griffin will. We visited all of the kennels and I feel very comfortable with the kennel we chose - clean facility, friendly people, etc. I'm just going to miss the little guy. We're going on vacation to Hawaii, so I'm sure once we get there I'll have an easier time dealing with it. Does any one have any advice/words of wisdom for me to feel better about leaving him?

  • I put Duke (then 7 mos old) in a Kennel last summer for 4 days. Make sure he has plenty of biscuit treats, personal water/feed bowls & dog food, blanket or bed (that you don't care if it gets dirty/shredded) and chewy's and toys for the caregivers to give Griffin on a daily rotational basis. I tried to make sure Duke had familiar items during the time I had him in there. A worn t-shirt by you so he can smell you for comfort. Duke is a B-terrier mix and came back to me looking happy and healthy. The kennel I used charged extra for daily 30 minute walks ($5/day), bath and nail trim. I gladly paid for these extras. The kennel fee was only $18 a day.

  • I was going to say the same as Jill…I would also leave a shirt of yours with him so he can have your scent. If you can get some Rescue Remedy or D.A.P. spray & spray his bed & toys so that he can adjust easier at the beginning.

    Do you provide the food for the kennel to give him?? If so then make sure to leave extra just in case your flight is delayed or something like that. I know it's hard not to worry...we're good B parents & good parents always worry.

    I see you're in NJ (me too :D) where did you decide to leave Griffin?? I would have offered to babysit 😃

  • We're taking him to Lakeside Kennel in Voorhees, NJ (www.lakesidekennelcattery.com)). They don't allow any bedding since they provide this cot looking thing for the dogs. Knowing Griffin, he would totally destroy a t-shirt - but it may be worth bringing one and seeing if he can have it for the first few days. As of now, I'm planning on leaving him with his favorite kong and two natural bones. He literally destroys toys in a matter of minutes, so I'm afraid to leave him with any since he may eat all of it since no one will take it away at a certain point. We're also going to pay the extra money for some play time too - Griff LOVES to run. I know he's going to be fine - we've just never left him for this long.

    By the way, we're located in Mt. Laurel. Not sure if you are in the area or not. We usually go to the Laurel Acres dog park every Saturday at 9 a.m. Their is a group of greyhounds that also meet at that time and Griffin LOVES to run up and down the fence with them (there is a side for larger dogs, so they aren't in the same area). One day he exhausted 11 greyhounds! We won't be there this saturday because we'll be on vacation, but I plan to take him on the 25th.

  • It's ALWAYS hard to leave our furry loved ones behind, but it sounds like you have done your homework and picked the best place for your basenji. Have a wonderful vacation!!

  • I actually haven't kenneled my B's for years and years - I usually opt for someone to come into my house.

  • You're a little bit aways but definitely worth the trip for a B-date 😃 😃 one day. I'm in Bergen Cty in Northern NJ…not too far though 😃

    I think I did look into that place too. My Bs are so spoiled when they said no beds...I was like :eek: heaven forbid they sleep on hard rough cots LOL LOL

    But you can ask BBoy my B's have me wrapped around their finger...spoiled ROTTEN 😃

  • There is a smallish dog shown in the photos in the Dog Boarding index that has what looks like a nice thick red blanket on his cot/bed. You could ask them if you can bring in Griffin's favorite mat or blanket for warmth. They will probably let you if you insist. You are their customer and they need you.
    http://www.lakesidekennelcattery.com/ This link works

    This kennel does look nice and clean. Have a wonderful trip in Hawaii - I'm a bit jealous though 😉

  • @jys1011:

    But you can ask BBoy my B's have me wrapped around their finger…spoiled ROTTEN 😃

    Maybe spoiled, but I was really impressed how well they behaved this past weekend. Not a peep out of them when they where crated in a strange place, with another strange dog in there with them….....very impressed.;)

  • We're going through the same issue – we're planning a trip this fall for over a week. We found some college kids to stay at our house, but the more I think about it, the more a kennel seems like a better option. 2 of ours are also 1 1/2 and there is way too much to explain when being watched by someone who doesn't know them -- cover the leather couch, keep the bathroom doors closed, always make sure they go if it's wet out (which then requires: here's the best way to clean up accidents on the carpet), here's the routine when leaving, never never ever open the front door with the dogs loose.... With a kennel there are gates, gates and more gates -- no chance of bolting out the door when the pizza guy shows up! No worries about what did the destroy or mess on. Also all the other dogs may be a good distraction with you being gone.

    The way I figure it, kennel owners love pets -- why else would they do it? They'll take good care of the critters and they'll be safe. I got a pretty good sense of a few kennels while making calls. Several even said, "oh, we have a few Basenji regulars here and they love it." One lady talked to me for 45 minutes about "this dog does this, and this one that, and...." talk about someone who loves dogs! We plan to try 1 or 2 out before hand, but I think I'd have more peace of mind knowing the house would be as we left it and they would be completely safe.

  • My other alternative was to have my dad stay at our house for a week, but we ran into the similar issues - so many rules to explain. In doing some research online, I also found this site www.abka.com. It's for the American Boarding Kennel Association - this is how we found the kennel we chose. It's a good resource. I also recall reading something online about how it's safer for them to be at kennel than to have a friend or family member watch them. Just imagine if the dog ran out and got loose - a pet sitter would have a very hard time dealing with that. If they are in a kennel, they are secure, safe and well taken care of.

    I'm leaving better about our decision to do this, but I know I'm going to cry! 🙂

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