Nicki from Sweden

This beauty lives in Sweden. Kasenyi Nanyuki Af Hunter

Check her out at

He's a beauty…what a cutie face too 😃


Cool a double cinnamonroll for a tail or as we call it in sweden kanelbulle.
Nice to have more Kasenyi dogs I have one from the J-litter Kasenyi Jamaari to Faraoland aka Max he´s also related to Arti in poland through his Faraoland grandma:)

Wonderful tail !!!Fantastic pretzel 🙂

Hahaa it´s pretzel in poland and US and in sweden it´s cinnamon roll, same tail different bread:)

Pretzel from Poland 😃

Is that a pretzel ???But it´s covered in chocolate I thought pretzels were salty:O

Are salty pretzels and are pretzels doughnuts:)

Is this THE tail?? Or kanelbulle in swedish 😉

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