Wanted: Curly tail to stich the hole in my heart

  • Formally, i'm godfrey A. Sundmark, retired labor negotiator and Basenji lover for three decades. Without any indicattion of serious illness my loving little Tri, Ostara, died in my arms two months ago. Since then I've tried to find a dog to get me out of the grief hole and back on the green, in the woods - I don't need to elaborate. Two attempts to buy/adopt a dog have ended poorly - only the Universal Wisdom knows why. But, I intend to go to the National. If you have, in order of preferance, ( but not by any means a deal breaker ), a B&W, Tri, Tiger or R&W who'll have a very good home and an old but loving GSD to hang out send me a private message .

    Thank you
    Godfrey "Al" Sundmark

  • Have you tried adoption thru BRAT ?? They have many loving curly tails that need a loving home… http://www.basenjirescue.org … You might also check with your local animal shelter or the vet you used for Ostara, they might be able help you.

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