• @sakuhn62 - Have to respond that I breed well bred, healthy Basenji puppies. Prices are NO different for pet or show... in fact it is not that often that I have placed puppies in show homes... if I want to show, I keep that puppy. For a well bred puppy it MAKES no difference if show quality or not... price is the same. You are paying for a life time commitment and you are now part of the breeders family. The contract says if you have to give up that pup... the breeder takes that pup, no questions asked... real breeders care for the puppies that they raise and place. The price is only the beginning... care from the pup is life time.. to get a pup that is NOT health tested and not of good temperament is a life time of lots of money spent... more than the normal care that is needed. Don't fool yourself..

  • @kdpnut
    Definitely research a legitimate responsible breeder. It will save you a lot of heartache and unnecessary expenses. Prices for a purebred may seem high from a responsible breeder but many times they are just breaking even after health testing, veterinarian visits, medication, licenses, food, etc. Breeders just want their pups to be placed into loving responsible homes!

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  • @tanza
    Unbelievable! Makes me so angry that people would take advantage of others and to do it @ the expense of an innocent basenji! So sad!

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  • Hi and thanks for contacting Basenjis-R-Us! THE premiere Basenji supplier for the entire world. We're talking the best Basenjis on the entire planet! We breed year-round, so we always have pups on hand. We have so many Basenji puppies right now that we're practically giving 'em away. They're so cheap they're almost free.

    Colors? Ya, we got 'em. We got red ones, brown ones, black ones, striped ones. Heck, we can probably dye one any color you want for a small additional fee. Want a boy, a girl? Hey why not get both! Do our puppies have moms and dads? You bet! How do you think we make 'em? Are they healthy? They are! Not a single puppy we've ever sold has ever died! Not one. Do we guarantee 'em? Of course, we do! We guarantee that as soon we have your cash you'll be thinking about your Basenji puppy for the rest of your life. Wanna see 'em first? No problem. Just search Basenji Puppy and there they are. Those are our puppies!

    So send us your cash with your name and address in the Notes section and we'll ship it out right away!

  • @jengosmonkey
    LOL! Comical but sad that there are sites like that out there! Hopefully people do their homework and don’t fall for such BS.

  • @jengosmonkey LOL.... that is what is happening... and people fall for it... don't do it... too many scam sites... and the pups you are seeing are pup's pictures that are stolen from other sites... these are not real... the posts that I have made and insisted that I would not be interested unless they supplied sire/dam names and the conversation has gone "dark"... and they have not and I am sure will not supply the information I have requested... DO NOT send money, do NOT believe their information.. these are scams... period

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