• This is my boy Rudy. He is 9 years old. Poor little guy just got over a case of hotspot. Is there anything that can bring relief? I tried everything and nothing really worked. ![alt text](![0_1565652229056_DA0635ED-63F7-4BF3-973B-25458E27D211.jpeg](Uploading 9%) image url)

  • Back in the Fifties, our German Shepherd/Collie would get them under his harness. The vet always gave us a sulfa based powder to dry it out and prevent infection. Removing the harness for a while was also recommended.

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  • Hotspots are a problem for dogs of all breeds. Without a picture it's hard to see where the spot(s) are. In addition to knowing where, it would be helpful to know about when he gets them. Sometimes these are seasonal/allergy issues. We've had mixed results from commercial sprays, meaning they seem to help somewhat. For paws the best seems to be washing after being outside.

  • Is there any chance there's an allergy going on? One of our Bs was born in Washington State, and apparently now that we live in Texas, she's somewhat allergic to the environment. We give her Benedryl somewhat regularly (25 mg every 12 hours, probably just a few times a week) at her vet's instruction and under the vet's supervision. Her most common place for a hot spot is between her toes, because she nibbles at the area, and the Benedryl seems to stop that itching which in turn gets her to leave the spot alone.

    Obviously, a photo would be most helpful, but allergies and managing those might be something worth looking into.

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