Looking for other Basenji owners near Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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    Hi, I live in Fort Lauderdale and would love to have a play date with other basenji owners in or around here. There used to be lots of basenjis around, we used to have basenji days about two or three times a year, but I have lost touch with them or they have moved away. I have one 10 year old BRAT boy that I adopted about 8 years ago and a Serengeti boy who is 1.5 years old.

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    I am moving to the area in 2 days and would love a playdate for my b! She hasn't seen another b since she was a pup so it would be great. She is still only 2 years old though. I am moving to Pompano Beach

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    I think Joan said she has talked to you before. We have 1 10 year old female from Indiana and I think a brother of your younger one - Bourbon who is also 1.5. Joan takes them to Snyder almost daily so if you plan to be there let us know when.


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