I recently bought my first Basenji, he is just great.
I bought him at 12 weeks old (Yes a little late, but he behaves fine, and socializing very well)
Some questions i had is that he is now 13-14 weeks, his tail is'nt really curled, the first day in the house his tail was very low, but i could understand that because the new environment has to be a little stressfull for a puppy.
The tail is'nt really between his legs anymore, and mostly standing up, though it is not really curled "Basenji style".
I have read that some Basenji's have less curly tails than others.
His 2 brothers who were also still for sale at the breeder did have curled tails, we noticed that the one we picked didn't, but we liked his energy.
And i dont really mind if his tail stays like this because he is an awesome dog, but do you think or know some basenji's just grow their tails curled a litte later?
Attached a photo of how he mostly carry's his tail.

Any comment or answer about him will be appreciated 😃