Testin my new camera

Today we had a nice walk in the Purmerbos (Purmer forest), a former production forest (yes, for wooden shoes, honestly!) just north of Amsterdam.
It was hit pretty hard by the hurricane force winds last week, meaning we had to climb under and over a lot of fallen trees.
I shot a million photos and videos with my new camera, just to see what it would do (Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200):

Great photos. Two lovely B's you have there. 🙂

As always lovely photos, loved the video where the basenji keeps running and the other dog turns back and then the basenji comes back and overtakes the dog and nearly gets the tail pulled. Bet your dogs had fun jumping the fallen trees. Also the photo of the basenji putting the brakes on in the dirt really shows how they can stop suddenly and change direction. Thanks for putting the photos up.

Jolanda and Kaiser

Lovely work - you must be very pleased with the new camera…

Thanks, yes, it seems to be working well - now I need to get a hang of all the options…
What I love about it is that you see movements and expressions that you otherwise miss

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