Hi guys. just found out there was a basenji forum i own a 5 month old male akc tricolor basenji, and just would like to introduce my self. anyway, his name is pilot, he is very spoiled, and loves to bathe in the sun. he gets along great with a bigger rottweiler, named buloo, and learned sit in just 2 days! he loves to chew up the house and pillows and harass the cats anyway, so thats pilot for ya

Welcome to the forum, you sound like you have a typical Basenji… some pics when you can. Enjoy!

yeah… about the photo i dont know how to post it and hook up a camera if you could tell me thatd be great!

Check the forum help and information section…...posting will be a big help.

Welcome and YUP you sure do have a basenji 😃 😃 😃 Do you have any pics in action destroying the house?? lol

Welcome to the forum. you'll learn lots on here and you'll find out that things your B does so do others.

Welcome…it sounds like you have your hands full! This is a great pictures, if you haven't already!!

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